Welcome to Porscifant Art, where creativity meets quirkiness! Dan, the artistic force behind the scenes, is a digital 3D and AI artist with a penchant for Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Abstract images. With a passion that burns brighter than a supernova, Dan embarked on his artistic journey back in 2001, and since then, he’s been riding the waves of inspiration with gusto.

Using a plethora of tools and software, Dan crafts his digital masterpieces on a Windows platform, wielding Photoshop like a wizard and seamlessly integrating it with 11 other programs, from Daz 3D to Carrara, where he conjures his own 3D creations, to Blender and Unreal Engine. And let’s not forget the newest addition to his arsenal – Stable Diffusion – because who doesn’t need a bit of stability in their life, especially when navigating the wild world of digital art?

Despite his dedication to the craft, Dan harbors a quirky secret: he views art as both a passion and a hobby, fearing that turning it into a full-time job might suck the fun out of it faster than a black hole devouring a star. With a humorous twist, he quips about his dilemma, likening it to trying to turn a hobby of collecting quirky socks into a lucrative business venture – sometimes, you just want to keep the magic alive without worrying about profit margins and marketing strategies.

But fear not, dear art aficionados, for Dan’s creations are not confined to the digital realms of the internet; 90% of his enchanting artworks are also available on stock image sites, ready to adorn your projects with a touch of whimsy and wonder. However, nestled among the vast expanse of stock images lies a treasure trove of unique pieces waiting to be discovered and cherished as true works of art.

So, what sets Dan apart from the rest? Besides his undeniable charm (if he does say so himself), it’s the sheer diversity and vibrancy of his artwork. From a delicate bird perched on a twig to the gritty allure of a cyberpunk dystopia, or even a simple toy brought to life against a dynamic background, Dan’s imagination knows no bounds.

Now, dear art enthusiasts, it’s time to embark on an exhilarating journey through Porscifant Art’s captivating collection. Join Dan in celebrating the boundless possibilities of digital art and revel in the joy of discovering something truly extraordinary. After all, life is too short for bland and uninspired artwork – let’s make every pixel count