• Custom Book Covers

    Custom Book Covers

    Here are some affordable, premade custom book covers for Action, Science Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Western and Kid genres The covers are scaled for a 6×9 book with bleed areas and includes both front and back cover as one image. Just add your title and author name and you are all set. See my video tutorials […]

  • Alien Space Saloon NFT Drop

    Alien Space Saloon NFT Drop

    Dive into the cosmic abyss and explore the otherworldly wonders of the Alien Space Saloon NFT collection. 🛸👽 Immerse yourself in a universe where alien women with tentacles or wings, and cyborgs with sleek metallic enhancements, coexist in harmony, blurring the lines between organic and artificial. Discover Unique Artworks:Each NFT in the collection is a […]

  • iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases

    iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases

    I have so many images PERFECT for phone cases! The cases are clear with the image on the back. Themes will cover Anime, Science Fiction, Horror, Abstract to Glamor and Fashion. Sides are made of Flexible TPU material and the back print area is made of a tough Polycarbonate. Case protects your phone from scratches, […]

  • Sci -Fi Mr Amazing

    Sci -Fi Mr Amazing

    Here I took a photo and using AI and Photoshop and other images, I converted the image into a sci-fi scene. Here are a couple more I did with a couple of his images!

  • Opening Horror Photo Delivery

    Opening Horror Photo Delivery

    Here is a package containing two horror images. Well packed in cardboard and sleeved in plastic protection.

  • Working on some old Antique Horror Photographs on Kodak Paper

    Working on some old Antique Horror Photographs on Kodak Paper

    Antique Horror Photos! I am getting ready to list some old antique looking photos of monsters, creatures, cyborgs, aliens and hybrids. Physical Photograph Sizes available 4″x5″ and 8″x10″ Both sizes suitable for framing. These will ship in the US Will not come in a frame. I ordered some and want to make a video of […]

  • New layout

    Webpage is being designed to offer products at my Etsy site. Use code 10OFFPROD for 10% your first order!