Science Fiction

  • Custom Book Covers

    Custom Book Covers

    Here are some affordable, premade custom book covers for Action, Science Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Western and Kid genres The covers are scaled for a 6×9 book with bleed areas and includes both front and back cover as one image. Just add your title and author name and you are all set. See my video tutorials […]

  • Alien Space Saloon NFT Drop

    Alien Space Saloon NFT Drop

    Dive into the cosmic abyss and explore the otherworldly wonders of the Alien Space Saloon NFT collection. 🛸👽 Immerse yourself in a universe where alien women with tentacles or wings, and cyborgs with sleek metallic enhancements, coexist in harmony, blurring the lines between organic and artificial. Discover Unique Artworks:Each NFT in the collection is a […]

  • Sci -Fi Mr Amazing

    Sci -Fi Mr Amazing

    Here I took a photo and using AI and Photoshop and other images, I converted the image into a sci-fi scene. Here are a couple more I did with a couple of his images!